May 26, 2012

Newborn pics taken in the hospital

There is a photographer that comes into the hospital to take pictures of the baby and then you have the option to buy these pictures. I of course bought them because I wanted all the pictures I could get of this handsome man! They didn't do too many because I wasn't able to be in any of them. Here are a few of my favorites.

More of Coleman

First time holding Coleman.  Best moment ever! I was so tired and drugged up from the C-section.
First Family picture.

           Getting his first bath.            
Look at that old man hairdo

Love the wrinkles on his legs.  Cant get enough of this handsome boy.

May 25, 2012

Coleman has arrived

Coleman Clint Spencer arrived on Monday April 23rd, 4 days early.  After being told many times that he would probably come early, I had given up on the idea of having him before I was induced.  Well due to him measuring small starting at 32 weeks, and never catching up to where he was supposed to be, I was sent to the perinatologist to make sure that everything was going ok.  I was told that he was measuring small, and that we should do non-stress tests until he decided to come. So starting at 38 weeks we started doing non-stress tests once a week.  At our first stress test, Coleman didn't respond at first but I hadn't really eaten for the day so I had a cookie and we waited.  He still didn't respond so they used this funny little gadget t hat vibrates and makes noise up against my belly to see if it would wake him up.  It did the trick and we got the results we needed to tell us he was happy and healthy.  At that appointment I was only dialated to a one which was kind of a bummer. I wanted to go early so badly.  Well for the next week, I didn't feel him move as much as I normally did, and I kept having false labor signs that made me nervous.  I brushed them off because I still was feeling him so I figured all was well.  At our 39 week non-stress test I made sure I ate right before my appointment to ensure that the non-stress test would be reactive.  I was hooked up to the machines, the nurse did and ultrasound, and we waited the 20 minutes.  Coleman was being stubborn and wasn't responding so we waiting a littlelonger to see if he would wake up or see if there were any accelerations.  The nurse left the room and said she would be back in about 10 minutes.  After about 20, Clint and myself  were starting to get annoyed because we thought it was silly to just sit in this room forever.  The nurse finally came back in and said that they wanted to watch me for another 10 minutes to see if there were any accelerations, she used the same funny little noise maker against my belly and also told me that  they had seen some calcifications on my placenta in the ultrasound.  At this point I was starting to get a little concerned because they seemed to be acting a little worried themselves.  After a few more minutes the nurse came in and said that they were sending me over to the hospital to deliver the baby right now.  Me being an emotional pregnant woman freaked, the nurse left the room and I started bawling.  I can honestly say at  that moment I was the most scared I have been since my dad died.  WHen the nurse returned, she saw that they way she delivered the news had scared me and she did her best to try and get me to stop crying. At that point it was a lost cause.  Well we went straight over to Utah Valley hospital, got checked in, hooked up to the fetal monitor and the doctor came in to discuss what our plan of action was. The plan was to try and induce me using cytotec and probably have the baby early the next morning. Over the next 3 hours Colemans heartrate kept dropping down as low as the 60's to 70's and would stay there.  The doctor came in to talk to me at about 7:00 and told me that he saw a C-section as the possible delivery method due to the stress on the baby.  He gave me the option of trying a vaginal birth if it wasn't going to cause further stress on the baby.  He decided to check me to see if I have dialated further.  I was still at a 1 so he said a c-section it was since I was not dialating with the cytotec.  So about 10 minutes later the anesthesiologist was giving me my epidural, and we were off to surgery. Coleman was born at 8:30, looking healthy and ended up not being too small like they said.  He weighed in at 6 pounds 10 ounces. It was such a gratifying  feeling finally having him here and him being healthy.  They showed him to me quickly and took him away while the doctors finished with me. These are a few pics of him immediately after.


Aug 4, 2011

4th of July Celebrations

Clint and Me celebrating his birthday and the 4th all in one. Lucky guy!

Me and my niece, who I believes looks just like me.

Some Random pictures taken while doing Fireworks.

Aug 3, 2011


So At the end of April I finally graduated from Nursing School. I didn't actually walk This is our pinning ceremony. It was kind of fun because Clint's mom is a nurse so she was able to pin me as a future nurse. Though I had graduated I still had state boards which made it feel as if I wasn't really done. I took boards on May 31st and may I say I will never forget that day. I don't think I have ever been that scared in my entire life. I didn't eat for a few days prior., I had Clint drive me because I was scared I was going to have a complete melt down and not be able to drive home. I told him to go somewhere because I was going to be there for a while. Well 45 minutes after Clint leaving I was calling him telling him to come pick me up because I was already done. I didnt know what to think because of how little of time it took me. Anyway, long story short, I passed and now am working at the American Fork Hospital in the Emergency Department loving every minute of it.

Clint's Elk hunt from last August.

Last August Clint drew out for his Limited Entry Elk hunt. I decided That I would go and see what the obsession was all about. Clint's dad and his brother Nathan came to help. We did a lot of hiking and yes I complained slightly but overall it was a really good experience. It was so fun on the last hike before we found the Elk that Clint wanted. We were walking on one of the trails, and of course we aren't talking because you have to be quiet to not scare away the Elk and we came upon approximately 100 cow elk. I have never been so startled. I was scared we were going to get trampled because when you turned to look up the hill it was covered in Elk. I had to fight every urge to scream. Anyway of course we didnt want to have them run the way we were going so Ralph, Clint's dad picked up a rock and threw it the way we were going so the Elk would go the other way. As the Elk Went up the hill we proceeded up the mountain and Clint and his dad went ahead of me and Clint because they could hear some Elk calling. Me and Nathan had to sit there and just listen. It had been about 15 min when we heard Clint shoot and I freaked out because I wanted to be next to him when he shot. Anyway we heard a few more shots go off and Nathan looked at me and I seriously was so excited. We waited a little longer to go up over the hill to see clint and ralph but when we did Clint was beaming he was so excited. The Elk was across a meadow and Covered in mud because it had just been in a Waller or something. ANyway we celebrated and called the crew to come help bring the Elk back to camp.

The actual skinning of the Elk was not something I wish to relive because they accidentally punctured the stomach or bowel I cant remember and it was the most fowl smell I have ever smelled. The hike back in the dark was quite cheerful because the wait had been lifted of whether or not we were going to go home with out a Elk. Now we are just waiting for it to get mounted and I am looking forward to when I get to go kill me a Spike Elk for more meat.

Jan 13, 2011

Until next time.

Not an exciting update but at least I did it. There will hopefully be some updates in the near future with births on new nieces and nephews, hopefully news of passing the NCLEX!!! And other wonderful happening in the Spencer household. I have some cute pics of my baby that I need to post. (my baby being my dog Brutis) he is so big and cute and he is my world as of right now until I actually talk Clint into letting my have a kid. But that must wait until I am done with school. ANyway until next time.